Continuation of thoughts about…”They can do it…but women can’t!”

December 2, 2010

Men have somehow all gotten together and came to the conclusion that double standards are awesome. Not long ago Snuggles and I-made a vlog talking about this!(To watch Vlog click this- “So it’s okay for the guys to do it“) How men can cheat and be easily forgiven…but if a woman does it to them well she is considered a(insert every insulting thing you can say to a woman)! There has been double standards for as long as anyone can remember.

Here are some of the double standards:

  1. Cheating— Men do it and they are players (“the man”) a woman does it and she is called everything in the book
  2. Foul language–Men do it and its funny- a woman does it and she is not classy
  3. Promiscuous–Men do it and its two thumbs up for them- a woman does it and she is considered a “jump off”

The list goes on…. I.M.O neither men or women should be doing any of which is on that list. *If you would like to add something to the list- just comment 🙂

Women were created to be a man’s companion- not a doormat!

Click here to check out this opposing view on double standards.

My question is : Why is it when a man cheats all is dandy? BUT when his girl cheats on him, she is horrible, she ruined the relationship, she’s a skank, etc?

Any thoughts?


Social Networks and Relationships Part 2

December 2, 2010

In part 1 of this discussion I was mainly talking about two partners; whom both have a Facebook (or any other social network).

Now let’s say only one of the two partners have a Facebook- could that be even more devastating for a relationship?

A lot of people would argue that its another area to be insecure/worry about. Because you really do not know what’s going on -if you don’t have that person’s password. Sure you can see their wall postings but you can’t look in their inbox.  Facebook could be used for cheating, and to rekindle old flames, but it all depends on the person you are dating! Not everyone on Facebook is trying to hook up with each other.

If you think your partner is having an online affair look at these warning signs.

Now my opinion is- if you don’t trust the person then why are you with them? Trust is very important. If you do not have trust then something as little as Facebook and other social networks will make your relationship crumble. I am not saying not to keep an eye out… just don’t become overly obsessed over it.

This site thinks differently- check it out- Facebook Cheating

Let me know what you think.

Q: Has Facebook damaged your relationship or bettered it?

SN:Watch this video! 



Social Networks and Relationships Part 1

November 23, 2010

A lot of people have talked about this topic, and now I am gonna put my two cents in.

Does social networks ruin relationships? My answer is Yes and No!

Reasons for yes:

  • Jealousy can arise
  • All the options for relationships status (I’m sure if you click on It’s complicated, your partner will be upset)
  • The questioning of comments- inside jokes- compliments
  • Another area to be insecure about

Reasons for no:

  • Some relationships are really strong in trust
  • FB is usually used to connect with family and old friends
  • You can always give your significant other your password haha!
  • Profiles can be viewable to everyone- to show you have nothing to hide

It really all comes down to trust and communication.  Social networks definitely have the power to ruin a relationship or at least give you a few headaches and heated arguments! So here are a few suggestions for you ladies and gentlemen:

  • No flirting
  • Make sure your relationship status is visible and doesn’t say It’s complicated lol- unless the other party agrees
  • Don’t do anything you do not want your significant other to do
  • Do not hide anything! That’s where all the questioning will begin-so stay away from that
  • No racy pictures!!
  • Do not have one of your friends delete your partner or block them. It may look suspicious- well it is suspicious haha. (Maybe hiding some flirty comments, hmmm) Thanks Raquel 🙂

I think that’s it for now, unless you guys have suggestions. I will be happy to add em to the list! So feel free to comment and leave suggestions and your opinions.


Our Intro!!

November 19, 2010

Ahhh Love it! Check us out at youtube.com/ftww10


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November 19, 2010


October 22, 2010

Lately I have been feeling pretty weird. Like I am complete yet missing something. Happy but not satisfied. Then I came across this poem in my journal.

I’m getting use to the pain

Once again

I’m getting used to the quiet nights

Non-existent mornings

The silent groans of agony

God, How much longer

Do I have to endure this?

Haven’t I gone through enough?

Didn’t I cry plenty of tears?

Help me, God!

With every passing day

I’m feeling more comfortable

Being down

Lift me

Take me out

From this never ending circle

Of sadness

I am ready to rest in You

Give it up all

To feel the peace only

You can give me

To live the life

You perfectly created for me

To have

… have I gone numb to the pain… That I can no longer distinguish the way I truly feel? Or am I just too afraid to face the reality of things, of the way inevitably life is? I know in my heart there is only one thing I can do, and that is to keep trusting God, to keep talking to God, to ultimately keep believing in God. If anyone knows what I am feeling and what I have to go through.. its God. Only God can console me.

God Bless You All !


The Hunger by Fireflight

October 20, 2010

This has to be my favorite song by far. The lyrics are awesome. Here go the lyrics:

Cut it out, cut it out
I know it’s what you’re wanting to say

Burning up, burning up
I know why you’re feeling this way

There’s an ache you can’t erase
A yearning that you can’t replace

And you want Him, and you need Him
But you act like He’s not there
Yeah, you know that you’re hollow
And something’s missing here
So you push and you pull the hole in your soul
But you can’t make the hunger disappear

You got a rusted out lock on your door
Getting ready to break
You’ve held back love long enough
I think it’s time to cave

You’re waiting for a sign
The fact is faith is blind

Do you want to spend your whole life jaded?
Stuck in a rut that you created
Why don’t you break the cycle?
Let love win

Powerful lyrics! My favorite part of the song is when it says that you want God and you need Him, but you act like He is not there! I have been there many times. We need to seek God in times of need and also when we think we are not in need. So to remind myself of this- I have this song on replay on my iPod.

🙂 It’s a great song -I am sure a lot of us can relate to.

Check out Fireflight! All their songs are awesome.